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Transform Data has developed add-ons on top of SharePoint/Microsoft 365 and the Repstor product suite. Users get the maximum experience due to the optimisation of search functionalities, automation of data migrations and integration into other systems.


Qwickr is the most effective search tool that allows users to search documents and emails within Microsoft 365, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.
Search, find AND act on the results. There is no tool that is easier for end-users to find, sort and preview search results.

Get your work done Qwickr!

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Perform searches against SharePoint, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business and define custom search scopes within these repositories. Limit searches to matters, projects, contracts or any logical structures that have been defined within the organisation.

Preview results in the preview side panel to quickly verify whether the correct document was found. Qwickr supports previewing of commonly used document formats INCLUDING emails and attachments.

Apply custom filters to search results in order to narrow down the results and find the requested document with just a few clicks. Group search results based on one or more fields to quickly navigate through the results and create custom overviews.

Save searches, custom filters and views as a “saved search”. This allows the user to re-run search commands and display the relevant results at that point in time. For example an overview of all contracts that are about to expire, grouped per entity and sorted by contract value. Deploy relevant searches as part of the product to provide a predefined list of saved searches.

Users of the Repstor product suite increase efficiency through Qwickr’s powerful Repstor and Custodian for Legal integration, allowing them to instantly open the location where specific documents were found within Outlook, or to limit search results to a specific matter or case.


Qonnector ensures automatic (one-way) synchronisation of the most relevant information from an external system to SharePoint/Microsoft 365. Objects, metadata and structures are automatically created within a SharePoint environment. With Qonnector, a core application like an ERP, Practice Management - or Financial System can become the leading force.

Enter data only once within the leading application and have Qonnector take care of creating and updating all the information in SharePoint/Microsoft 365.

Automate data archiving based on status changes within the leading application. Compliance is ensured by making specific locations read-only and applying retention policy rules.

Qonnector monitors all mutations within the leading application and will execute relevant actions to the SharePoint/Microsoft 365 system.

Receive email notifications in case of any exceptions or use Qonnector’s statistics to create BI dashboards to get deep insights.

Use the existing extractors to connect the commonly used systems, such as Aderant, SAP, Legalsense, SQL, etc., to increase the implementation speed.



Qontext is a web application which allows users to aggregate, present and update information from various systems and sources in a user-friendly interface.
This page can be opened from any normal web browser, a mobile web browser or an Outlook integrated web browser (Repstor).

Present information from different sources such as CRM, PMS, ERP or other relevant systems in a clear and friendly overview to users and control if fields are displayed editable or read-only.

A contact (CRM) tab is presented allowing users to share contact information or build a basic contact database. This can be integrated with a CRM or work as a standalone source.

Qontext is a responsive web application which can run on desktop and mobile devices, allowing users to access relevant information anytime on any device.

Use the powerful SharePoint search function to quickly navigate between records.

Qontext stores all information in SharePoint / SharePoint Online lists which can be accessed easily via PowerBI and PowerAutomate (Flow), allowing users to use this data in reports, dashboards or trigger notifications or other actions based on Qontext data.

Qontext offers a standard Repstor integration which lets Repstor users to open Qontext from within Outlook.
The Qontext button will be context aware, meaning it will open the relevant client or project page depending on the current selected location within the Repstor hierarchy.

Records Manager

Records Manager runs as a background process on archived dossiers, matters or any type of case in SharePoint / SharePoint Online and allows organisations to configure retention policies for each type of case or specific document types. This ensures retention policies are respected and organisations are compliant with the regulations of personal data.

Records Manager is designed to run as a background application and does not require any user-interaction.

Different sets of rules can be created and configured to make sure each type of case (such as HR Dossiers, Legal Matters or Internal Projects) will respect the applicable law and different users or teams are notified on permanent deletion of documents.

Record Manager will provide a monthly summary of the files that will be deleted in the upcoming month and confirm successful delete actions over the last period.

Information is stored in SharePoint / SharePoint Online lists and can be used to create detailed reports using BI applications such as PowerBI.

Organizations can choose to have Record Manager perform a permanent delete of files or move the affected files to the recycle bin.

MAR (Market Abuse Regulation)

Complying with the extensive and complex market abuse regulations is a major challenge: not only in terms of understanding whether the organisation complies with these regulations, but also in assessing a subject or event for price sensitivity.

MAR (Market Abuse Regulation) App
For assessing whether the organisation complies with the rules, supplemented with practical tips and advice.

PSI (Price Sensitive Information) App
That supports the assessment of price sensitivity of information.

The apps greatly reduce the risk of fines and violations. All laws and regulations are translated into these smart tools, developed by legal and tech specialists.

Step by step, down to the smallest detail, answer all relevant issues and see in the clear dashboard where you are not (yet) compliant, what the prescribed and what the recommended matters are. The main categories relevant to your business are elaborated in response to the smallest detail. The MAR app goes beyond any other application in this area!

Based on a number of questions, the PSI app leads you to the conclusion whether a subject is price-sensitive, potentially price-sensitive or not price-sensitive and immediately provides clear documentation.


Workhub is a Microsoft Teams App that integrates Custodian for Legal solutions into Microsoft Teams.
By adding document browsing capabilities via Workhub various extra functions are made available, such as custom right click menu's or document and e-mail previewing capabilities.

Matters can be created automatically, based on events in leading financial systems, which is the common set-up for law firms and professional services. Legal departments can decide to manually create their matters or take control over the incoming legal service requests and set-up a matter intake process (triage).

In both scenarios a “Matter” can be reflected in the system as a complete Team, a channel, a folder structure or a task.

You can bookmark the matters you are actively working on and create personal matter dashboards. By using these you can keep track of your legal matters and navigate between them quickly.

On each matter, you can configure tasks to keep track of your deadlines and ensure you don’t miss any. For standard runbooks, Microsoft Planners can be created and filled with pre-defined buckets and tasks and labels. Tasks can either be created during initial provisioning or when a matter changes its status.

Users can start OneDrive synchronisation in a single click from your matter dashboard and matter folders will automatically sync to their device. By unsyncing matters, the folders are cleaned from the users’ computer without the need for manual unlinking and cleaning in the OneDrive for Business App.

Within the DMS (SharePoint), each matter has a corresponding structure that includes logical folder structures, meta-data, and security. Users can manage e-mails and documents for each matter and share information among team members.

The search function leverages the strong indexing capabilities of Microsoft 365 in order to provide a robust and fast search function over the matter management system. Results can be filtered, sorted, grouped, previewed and actioned quickly.

All matter information including properties and meta-data is stored within your own Microsoft 365 tenant and connects easily with standard reporting tools (Microsoft Power BI).

Combining matter data with reporting tools allows teams to create visual insights around response times, legal spend, claims, etc.

Control the guest invitation process, including extra security approvals and custom branded instruction e-mails.

Shared locations can be monitored for activity and guests access can be revoked as part of the archiving process of a collaboration space.

The search function leverages the strong indexing capabilities of Microsoft 365 in order to provide a robust and fast search function over the matter management system. Results can be filtered, sorted, grouped, previewed and actioned quickly.



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