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Our team is the single point of contact for organisations and channel partners that already use or want to implement Intapp Collaboration & Content in the Benelux, DACH and the Nordic regions.
The Intapp products have been uniquely designed to get the highest adoption of SharePoint/Microsoft 365. Boost Productivity & Drive Compliance of your ECM and SharePoint/Microsoft 365 systems with the different products displayed below.

Intapp Documents

Intapp Documents is designed to allow users to work within SharePoint/Microsoft 365 and Outlook – eliminating the pitfalls of a web-interface. Connect additional repositories such as Teams, OneDrive for Business, M-Files, (Drop)box, file shares and legacy DM/RM systems like eDocs and iManage Work. Intapp Documents provides great filing capability for emails and attachments, duplication detection and sending links instead of large attachments. End-users seamlessly adopt the great features that SharePoint/Microsoft 365 provide.

The only truly native Outlook integration that connects to SharePoint/Microsoft 365, Teams, M-Files, Opentext eDocs/Content Server, Dropbox, Box, iManage Work, Meridio, HiqhQ, Dynamics CRM and others.

Delivering online and offline access – users can view, add and edit content whether connected to a network or not.

No user training required – an already familiar working environment and experience for users.

User adoption guaranteed – using an intuitive way of working with no learning curve needed.

Giving information workers content access and collaboration from any device and any location, with or without Internet access.

Intapp Documents

Intapp Documents offers predictive filing functionality, increasing efficiency and improving compliance by helping users easily file emails and other content in the most appropriate location through a ‘best practice’ archiving suggestion, whether users are working on- or offline. Intapp Documents also provides “luggage tags” which can be used alongside the intelligent classification engine to make sure conversations are filed together.

Achieve compliance with policies by encouraging users to easily file content.

Save time filing important content in very few steps or even completely automatically, and retrieve correctly filed content quickly and easily.

Users file important content more consistently, making audit and review easier and allowing teams to make better decisions because they have access to all of the information they need.

Simplify and optimize the filing process on desktop, web and mobile applications for end-users to ensure that important content is filed.

Staff have access to all of the information they need to complete project tasks most effectively.

Intapp Workspaces

Intapp Workspaces provides a sensible and practical way of provisioning SharePoint workspaces to achieve a well-managed corporate SharePoint/Microsoft 365 environment. Business users can take advantage of self-service capabilities while IT departments can maintain control. With custodian, business analysts in organisations can quickly configure case and document management solutions reflecting the needs of departments or enterprise wide applications. No customisation of SharePoint/Microsoft 365 is required, and the results can be surfaced in Outlook using Intapp Workspaces to promote adoption.

Build case templates for different case types to provide the building blocks required for each new case.

Configure the structure of each case, by mapping to SharePoint sites, lists and folders.

Incorporate any pre-existing content required for efficiently working a case, such as templated documents that include metadata associated with the specific case.

Associate unique workflows with each type of case or document and target different cases at different groups of users, and relevant parties.

Define policies and retention periods for each case, case type or even individual documents to ensure compliance with data deletion regulations.

Secure case content and apply security consistently across cases.

Intapp Documents

Intapp Documents enables intuitive, accurate email and attachment filing from a mobile device – to SharePoint, M-Files, Box and other repositories of choice.
Intapp Workspaces eliminates the need for filing when employees return to their desks. It means everyone working on a project or case can be sure they are looking at the latest, correct information, wherever they are.

Makes filing emails & attachments from any mobile device easy, intuitive and compliant.

It can be used via the Microsoft Outlook App on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

Supports multiple content repositories including SharePoint, M-Files & Box

Integration with the Outlook Web App (OWA), allowing users to file emails and attachments without any software installation.

Link inbox sub-folders to locations in SharePoint/Microsoft 365 or other repositories for automatic background processing and filing.

Custodian for Teams

Allow users to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams without creating information management problems further down the line.

Create new Microsoft Team workspaces out of the box with defined layouts and content controls.

Manage the full evolution and lifecycle of Microsoft Teams – from initial creation, to new tasks being added, to what happens to content when a project closes, or a team disbands.

Evolve the layout and content (for example add new Channels) as a Microsoft Team progresses through its lifecycle.

Control who can set up a Team and what’s permitted based on roles and functions, and apply an approval process to their creation.



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