No-Code & Cognitive Expert Advisors

Use the Neota Logic platform to automate your business processes and procedures to gain efficiency, eliminate errors, and improve (self-)service. Applications can easily be updated, maintained and embedded in portals, websites, Microsoft Teams or Outlook. All apps are mobile-ready and seamlessly integrate with other systems (e.g. Kira, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Cognitive Services, DocuSign, HighQ, etc.)
Extend the Reach of Experts

Extend the Reach of Experts

Create self-service portals and offer guided assistance to your employees, clients and partners with intelligent applications. Automating an expert’s knowledge of complex processes or rules allows expertise to be available 24/7 to many.

Increase Compliance & Reduce Risk

Increase Compliance & Reduce Risk

With this platforms, you can instantly incorporate changes to regulations and policies ⎯ ensuring timely compliance. Incorporate apps into your regulatory processes and see how easy it is to ensure that consistent methodologies are followed and your business is provided with auditable results.

Implement New Business Models

Implement New Business Models

The Neota Logic platform empowers a wide range of legal and business process improvements. Create new revenue streams and replace hours with applications.
Many companies have used Neota Logic to implement their digital transformation strategy and delivery of digital services with alternative fee models.

No-Code Platform

No-Code Platform

The intuitive visual environment and no-code approach is accessible to everyone. Allow non-programmers to develop, test, document, and implement critical applications in a short period of time.
Create engaging user interfaces that represent corporate identity.

Powerful Rules & Decisions Engine

Powerful Rules & Decisions Engine

Automate rules, decisions and processes by implementing Boolean algebra (decision trees/tables), mathematical rules and weighted factor analyses. Integrate other systems through the modern application programming interface (API).

Document Automation & Contract Engine

Document Automation & Contract Engine

Instruct the platform to generate complex documents based on data, logic and decisions. Allow users to enter data or retrieve data directly from other data sources, such as CRM and ERP systems.

Watch how Neota Logic can help your business
Experience the ease of building a Neota Logic application

Neota Logic Canvas

Rapid prototyping tool for legal design

Canvas is Neota Logic’s lightweight application building tool that brings expertise, process and document automation to life. Creating applications with Canvas is as easy as drawing a process map on a whiteboard. Drag and drop elements from your toolbox onto a blank canvas, add questions and logic, connect elements together, and instantly publish your application. Review your Canvas applications with key stakeholders and iterate before building out your fully-working application in Neota’s advanced authoring tool.

Create web-based apps that apply rules, send e-mails and generate documents.


One click and you’ll have access to the full power of the Neota Logic system.


Canvas applications are 100% compatible with the Neota Logic suite.


Go from concept to published web application in just minutes with Canvas.

Welcome to Canvas
Interface Tour Canvas
Tools and Properties

Neota Logic Demo Apps

Try the demo applications and see what Neota Logic can do for you:

NDA Generator

Allow users to generate a Non-Disclosure Agreement that is in line with the company standards by completing a questionnaire.


Data Breach Analysis

Employees are able to check if a data breach has occurred and how they can deal with one.


Contract Generation

Generate complex contracts based on templates while taking regulations and review processes into account.


Risk Assesment

Analyse the risks of a client intake application with a check against the EU sanctions list in combination with other risk factors.


Employment Letter

Users are able to collect information about a new hire, receive recommendations for specific contract clauses and create an offer letter based on the users input.



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