Step Up Smart & Transform Data International launch MAR- & PSI APP

Legal Tech contributes to satisfied customers, internally and externally. Applications take work off your hands and ensure that things are carried out faster and without errors. With that in mind, Step Up Smart has developed two apps together with Transform Data International. The MAR app and the PSI app.

Whether everyone can get started with it? No! Knowledge of the business and affairs is required. Whether the work can be done faster and better? Yes! With these apps, you get a complete picture of the compliance of your business.
Do you meet the laws and regulations, where do you leave things, what are the recommended steps? These apps make it easier and clearer so that you remain absolutely in control!

In the MAR and PSI app, you fill in the questions relevant to your business, step by step. Depending on your answer, you will get deeper into the layered structure and only be asked the questions that apply to you. It is impossible to list the more than 200 issues here but to give an idea, we take an example from the MAR app.
From the checkmarks that you put in the nine main issues below, the English-language app takes you to the detailed questions.


The organization has/applies:
o An awareness & knowledge program to comply with the Market Abuse Regulation
o A system of procedures, documentation and registration
o A system (including documents) of all projects/issues (that are confidential and are or can become price sensitive)
o A disclosure committee (DC)
o A procedure (including documentation) of notification to the AFM of trade at insiders with notification obligation (archive or reports per insider: PDMR and directors and supervisory directors and closely related persons)
o A procedure (including documentation) of retention period at least 5 years of the entire administration
o Procedures, systems, measurements (including documentations and policies) to stimulate, exercise and ensure practical protective measures
o Specific IT systems for registration and documentation
o A disclosure procedure


Imagine you check the first off; there is an Awareness & knowledge program in your organization.
Then you will arrive at this sub-question:

The organization applies:
o Training for all insiders (compulsory)
o A short do and don’t list
o A refreshment of education (at least every 2 years)
o E-learning for the Market Abuse Regulation


You check what applies in your case. In this example, we assume that there is training:

The training for all insiders contains an explanation of:
o The background of the regulation
o Inside / price sensitive information
o Price sensitive information examples
o Market manipulation and tipping
o Do’s and don’ts additional for trading platforms, stock exchanges and investment firms
o Exceptions to prohibition to trade
o Exceptions to prohibition of disclosure
o Consequences (personal and for the organization) of non-compliance / violations


Checking off the first box will give you these follow-up questions:

The explanation of the background of the regulation contains:
o Efficient market demands transparency
o Importance of careful handling of sensitive information
o Promote investor confidence
o Protection of investor interests
o Harmonization of EU regulations (creating equal level playing field)


With this simple example, you will have an idea of ​​the completeness of this app. This questionnaire is only exhausted when no issue is “open” anymore, both the mandatory and the recommended matters are all included in the app.
It is no longer possible to overlook things. After completing all the issues that apply to your business, you will receive a complete overview in the dashboard. This will list all the issues again.

Of course, the app will immediately indicate whether you do or not (yet) comply with and which questions you may have skipped. You can also view this overview at various levels and ways. In diagrams or writing and filtered by the way you want. The overviews can also be converted into PDF. This app goes beyond any application in this area. And the costs? They are extremely beneficial to the insights you get!

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