Dutch law firm, Wieringa Advocaten, selects Repstor Custodian for Legal™ from Transform Data International for document, e-mail, and file management in combination with Legalsense

In the summer of 2020, Wieringa Advocaten sent out a quote request to various IT suppliers, with the aim of replacing its practice management system with more flexible, cloud-based applications.

After comparing and assessing various suppliers, Wieringa Advocaten decided to switch to Custodian for Legal from Transform Data in combination with Legalsense. In addition to the ability to securely store documents and e-mails and the essential DMS functions such as version control, archiving, retention periods and extensive user access for employees and clients, it was also important that the software had a low adoption threshold and was accessible from Outlook, web browsers and mobile devices.

It was extremely important to be able to integrate with the practice management system, Legalsense, which is used as the leading financial system for time registrations and declarations. By using Transform Data’s Qonnector, the systems are linked and the data is exchanged, so information only needs to be kept in one place. For example, clients and files in the document management system are automatically created and adjusted based on changes in Legalsense.

Because documents from the archive often contain a lot of knowledge, it was desirable to be able to find documents quickly based on keywords, metadata, or a combination of both. To save time in performing such advanced searches, Wieringa chose to use Qwickr as an addition to Custodian for Legal.

Finally, large amounts of data from their legacy systems had to be transferred to the new environment. The ultimate goal is that all information is stored within the Microsoft 365 platform. That is why it was a necessity to work with a party that has experience with migrations of this magnitude.

Transform Data has carefully planned the migration so that the transition will go smoothly for the end users and the IT department. The project has already started and will be completed this summer.


About Wieringa Lawyers

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