Transform Data International is proud to announce that Boels Zanders Advocaten has selected the Neota Logic platform. In 2019, Boels Zanders Advocaten moved completely to Microsoft Azure and Office 365 cloud services and they are also using Custodian for Legal for their document and matter management. Boels Zanders is always looking for new ways to automate their expertise and improve their processes.

Jos Meuwissen, ICT Manager at Boels Zanders: “After a short proof of concept where we built an application that successfully supports our money laundering and anti-terrorism financing (Wwft) processes, we’ve selected the Neota Logic platform. The technology provides us with everything we need to create documents, contracts, optimise processes and automate legal expertise in a smart and efficient way. We’ve plans to use the Neota Logic technology to service both internal users and for external collaboration with our clients. This will result in apps that we use for assessments and intakes or to automate contract generation. Currently, Boels Zanders has been enthusiastically running internal workshops to design complex decisions trees.”

Neota Logic maximises the speed, accuracy and efficiency of critical decisions in complex, political, legal and compliance environments. The platform is used in banking, insurance, law firms and legal departments.

Within law firms, Neota Logic is used to increase internal efficiencies, optimise client communication and engagement, and to generate new revenue streams by productising legal knowledge. Neota Logic apps are often provided to clients, for example, to examine if changes in regulations have an impact on their organisation, as self-service tools, to allow clients to handle specific tasks by themselves or to jointly create specific agreements, etc.

Neota Logic’s intuitive visual environment and no-code approach is accessible for everyone. Non-programmers can develop, test, document and implement important applications in no-time. Each year, hundreds of legal professionals around the world are being trained in the Neota Logic platform. In the Netherlands, the ARR as part of the University of Amsterdam and University of Applied Sciences Leiden have recently chosen to adopt Neota Logic as the standard for their education program in the context of LegalTech.

About Boels Zanders Advocaten

Boels Zanders is a full-service law firm based in the south of the Netherlands with an international reputation. With offices in Eindhoven, Venlo, and Maastricht the firm services the day to day legal needs of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and administrators for SME’s, large corporates, public sector, healthcare and non-profit organisations.

Boels Zanders provides high quality legal services in various jurisdictions and specialisms including business law, labor law, administrative law, real estate law and family law. For specialist areas, Boels Zanders is organized in specialist teams. Boels Zanders is one of the top 25 law firms in Holland and is an active member of the international Legal Community.

Transform Data creates context based systems on the principle of “Business First, User First”.
By prioritising business innovation and end-users, Transform Data creates a platform with proven software products that brings together structured data, unstructured data, tasks and reports in a user-friendly and intuitive user-interface. Optimising productivitiy via maximum user-adoption is the goal.

Transform Data focusses on a broad audience, but has a specific focus on professional services, law firms and legal departments.

The solutions Transform Data’s provides strengthen the adoption of Office365 and SharePoint. They ensure the optimal use of information within organisations; for example in a decision making processes or daily (mobile) processes that require accurate data. Contact Transform Data via

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