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Did you miss a talk on our online legal tech event? Or are you keen about learning and developing your legal tech skills and want to review a session?

Be inspired and learn where to start by watching the replays of our legal tech event!

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Modern Matter Management by Rob Kubben, Managing Partner at Transform Data.

During this session, Rob looks into the evolution of document management systems and various other systems, add-ons and platforms that law-firms invested in during the last decade. We’ll match today’s law firm IT landscape with other industries and see how other industries are leveraging modern platforms such as Office 365 to provide similar and enhanced functionality.

Legal Business Partnering by Jo van Ijzeren, Founder & CEO Step Up Smart.

Successful and sustainable development of your law firm can only be achieved by working closely with your customers & providing them with an excellent customer experience. Understanding customer needs is key. In this session you will get an overview of how to organize your approach to working with your customers and how IT can make the difference.

Transforming your Legal Services to Digital by Shaz Aziz, Director Client Solutions & Engagement EMEA at Neota Logic Inc. 

Legal service delivery is undergoing great change. As clients demand digital services, it is becoming a core priority for law firms to build digital versions of their services, and to automate their expertise, documents and workflows using online applications. In this session, we look at how you can build digital services for your customers rapidly, without investing lots of development resource. We also investigate how firms can quickly build tools to automate internal processes and generate efficiencies.

How can you transform your Legal Department to Digital? A talk by Rachel Rietveld, Founder & CEO Arbeidsmarktresearch UvA.

‘Legal tech’ is clearly great value for the legal profession but it’s also important to think about people, processes and business needs. In this session you get a clearer insight of what legal tech is, what possibilities and limitations there are and how it can increase the level of efficiency in your daily work.

Neota client Case Study: “Transforming the way to deliver Legal Services”
by Peter van Dam, Chief Digital Officer at Simonsen Vogt Wiig.

Peter was hired in 2014 as CDO for Norwegian law firm Simonsen Vogt Wiig, a tier 1 firm in Telecom, Media and Technology. Simonsen Vogt Wiig’s strategy is very much focused on being a modern, innovative digital law firm. Peter talks about his experience in the last years using hackathons to get an innovative spirit in his organization to ensure his firm is on the right path to digital transformation. He tells us how to make lawyers interested in technology and start transforming legal knowledge into self-service customer apps.

Transforming in-house Legal Services to Digital by Jackson Liu, Global Vice President Markets & Growth at Neota Logic Inc. 

Corporate legal teams face rising pressure to provide better legal services to the business, with greater efficiency, with fewer resources and at lower cost – all while contributing to the bottom line of the company. It is a formula with no answer under the current model of service delivery. In this session, you learn how automation can solve the “more for less” challenge in corporate legal teams. By building digital solutions, in-house teams can relieve the pressure and help the business self-serve for their legal and compliance needs.

Revolutionary Legal Assesment Tools. A talk by Jo van Ijzeren, Founder & CEO Step Up Smart.

The legal profession is all about managing risks: knowing the risks and taking the appropriate mitigation measures. In this session, you will learn how IT tools can make life very easy and deliver full insights of all legal aspects of your organisation, mitigation measures, risk assessments and priorities.

Maximise the value from Microsoft Teams with integrated self service applications.
A talk by Rob Kubben, Managing Partner Transform Data. 

Rob talks about using Teams for all things legal, provide a demo on a new application and shares his experience about a recent use case, whereby law firms were able to quickly create documents such as rental agreements and employment contracts.

How to outsource your Legal Admin work? A talk by Harm Bavinck, COO at Legal Manager.

The reason to outsource your legal work is simple. Due to the unique focus on the administrative process of legal work it can be executed faster, better and for less money than your own staff. In this session, Harm explains step by step how you can outsource legal operations work.

Legal Tech design: Where and How to start? A talk by Rachel Rietveld, Founder & CEO Arbeidsmarktresearch UvA

‘Legal Tech’: although seen as the latest buzzword, is crucial for the way law develops, as well as the legal profession. In this session you get a clearer insight into what legal tech is, the possibilities and limitations and how it can increase the level of efficiency in your daily work.

De transformatie van de advocaat.
Special talk for the Dutch audience by Fleur Kapiteijn, Learning & Development Manager at Boels Zanders Advocaten. 

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