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Easy-to-use digital workplaces based on Microsoft 365, leveraging the powerful and familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook & Teams. Our solutions are entirely geared towards law firms, legal departments, accountancy & consulting.

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Based on the Intapp Collaboration & Content platform, we offer intuitive solutions around matter lifecycle management, document management and client engagements. We enable legal and finance professionals around the world to work more productively. Using the interface they already know: the powerful and familiar Microsoft Outlook & Teams.

Solutions that will help you work smarter, faster and more securely on desktop and mobile devices.
In a user-friendly, easy-to-adopt way.


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Solutions for

Law Firms

Lawyers praise the ease of use working on matters because of the deep integration within Microsoft Office, Outlook & Teams and on any device, desktop, tablet or phone.

Solutions for

Accounting & Consulting

Accountants and consultants create a single source of truth and deliver their best work from within our intuitive interface. The ability to govern and overview client engagements is crucial.

Solutions for

Corporate Legal

Legal departments like the control and compliance on their matters, projects and business requests and the ability to easily obtain overview of workload and status.

Why Transform Data

Everything you do today,
just easier, smarter, faster

Great software is one thing, it is also about how it is implemented. We want to offer our software and services in such a way that they work optimally. In other words: the implementation of the solution is just as important as the software itself.

Customers can make use of our Migration Centre of Excellence: we converted many years of project and migration experience to a standard and proven methodology that helps organisations migrating from a legacy DMS to Microsoft 365.

Transform Data for Legal surprised us in a positive way, both at a technical level and with regard to ease of use. After the successful proof of concept, we started the implementation

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Legal Webinar

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