Custodian for Legal

Custodian for Legal

Custodian for Legal is a collaboration and document management solution, based on Microsoft Office 365/SharePoint, that utilizes the powerful and familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook and other Office applications to ensure the highest level of user-adoption.

Document & Email Management

Manage your filing structures, documents and emails with state-of-the art features. Connect multi-repositories, create unlimited metadata, work on and offline and search all sources at once. Expose, drag & drop and move documents between sources like SP/O365, HighQ, iManage Work, OneDrive, Dropbox or file shares. All this within Outlook.

Intelligent Filing

Custodian for Legal increases efficiency and improves compliance by the use of a software assisted filing system. Finally end-users can file/archive emails and other content in the most appropriate location through a ‘best practice’ archiving suggestion, based on proprietary classification technology. So intuitive that no training is required.

Legal Project Management

This solution goes beyond traditional matter management by leveraging native SharePoint/O365 functions such as tasks, status reports, news feeds, timelines, instant messaging and OneNotes. Professionals can keep track of their work and managers can report on matter progress & risks within Outlook or BI dashboards.

ConteXt & Collaboration

Show and update relevant data residing in external applications within one view in Outlook. No need to have multiple user interfaces for your practice management, CRM, collaboration tools etc. Use news feeds or Yammer to collaborate on matters and project directly from within Outlook.

Document Assembly & Review

Create new documents based on your templates, merge with external data, apply corporate style and make sure best-practices are used. The review and compare functions deliver great efficiency improvements and can be integrated with solutions from DocsCorp, Workshare or SmashDocs.

Integrate & Extend

Custodian for Legal integrates seamlessly with other applications like practice management, time & billing, CRM, workflow, scan or Artificial Intelligence solutions. The comprehensive extensibility framework ensures that Outlook can be used as the single UI for all applications.

Custodian for Legal Videos

General Introduction

End-user adoption via Outlook

See how Outlook becomes your single user-interface for all your daily work.

Stay in control

Intuitively manage your personal and team workload.

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