Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Expert Advisors

Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Expert Advisors

Use the Neota Logic platform to automate your business processes and procedures to gain efficiency, eliminate errors, and improve (self) service. Applications can be easily updated, maintained and embedded in portals or websites, are mobile-ready and seamlessly integrate with other systems.

Extend the reach of experts

Create self-service portals and offer guided assistance to your employees, clients or partners with our intelligent apps. Automating an expert’s knowledge of complex processes or rules allows expertise to be available 24/7 to many. Put the knowledge of experts at the fingertips of many.

Increase compliance & reduce risk

With our flexible solutions, you can instantly incorporate changes to regulations and policies ⎯ ensuring timely compliance. Incorporate apps into your regulatory processes and see how easy it is to ensure consistent methodologies are followed and provide your business with auditable results.

Implement new business models

The Neota Logic platform empowers a wide range of legal and business process improvements. Create new revenue streams and replace hours with applications.
Many companies have used Neota Logic to implement their digital strategy and delivery of digital services with alternative fee models.

Rapid Application Development

Neota Logic’s intuitive visual environment and no-code approach is accessible to everyone. Allow non-programmers to develop, test, document, and implement critical applications. Rapidly build applications and create engaging user interfaces that have your corporate identity.

Powerful Rules & Decisions Engine

Our apps address rules-based functions, complex non-rules based reasoning, document logic, and process workflow. Guidance can be based on Boolean rules (decision trees/tables, etc.), mathematical rules and weighted factor analyses. Integrate other systems (e.g. Kira, Wolfram or RAVN) through the modern API.

Document Automation & Contract Engine

Draft complex documents based on data, user decisions, and logic. Gather data and decisions from users and external data sources, such as CRM systems, and apply rules and other Neota Logic reasoning tools to draft properly formatted memoranda, contracts and other documents.

Neota Logic Demo Apps

Try our demo applications and see what Neota Logic can do for you:

NDA Generator

End-users are interviewed, rules are applied and a Non Disclosure Agreement is generated according to the company standards.


Data Breach Analysis

Let employees check if a data breach has occurred including advice for notifying people involved and/or the relevant authority.


Contract Engine

Contract generation, based on templates with review support, complex business rules, calculations and external data.


Risk Assesment

New client intake app, with a check against the EU sanctions list. Includes weighted scoring in total risk calculation.

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